Hello everyone,

we apologize for the late update (2/5/2019), our Operations Manager was out of the country until today with limited internet and website access as they got locked out of the accounts.

If you did not hear or find out already; we were closed this past week Jan 30th-Feb 4th due to the extreme weather we recently had. Our pipes froze and we had no running water and therefor are unable to run public events, derby practices or hockey games.

In addition to that the immediate thaw caused extreme leaking from our roof on to our brand new skating floor. The good news out of this is this is the reason we chose the floor material we did as the water has dried up already as the sub floor materials soaked it up and dispersed it allowing it to dry rapidly and there is no damage or bubbling of the tiles. The reside left behind is skatable and is not slick or hazardous and dries quickly.

Our operations Manager and a roofer were out here tonight (Tuesday) to address the situation and were able to fix the problems we had. We are operational again and look forward to seeing you all this weekend.

We sincerely apologize to those affected, who tried to come out to skate this past weekend and especially those that had Parties scheduled.

Certainly let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. It is best to email us at: fastforward@tds.net.


Fast Forward Skate Center

This place is freaking FANTASTIC! Everyone is in a good mood, there is great skating music... and if you’re there to have a good time and skate your pants off, you’re gonna love this place.
— Jenny from Madison