skate lessons

Learn to skate with us! Fast Forward offers seven-week courses in beginner and intermediate skating. Our program is suitable for all ages and class size is small enough to ensure individualized attention from our expert instructors. After each class you're invited to join our Fun Skate open session for FREE to put into practice what you learned!

Cost:  $75 per person, $50 for each additional family member

When:  Saturdays 12:00 - 12:45pm, contact us or fill out the form below for information on upcoming dates

What you get:  Seven weeks of progressive lessons from our expert skate instructors, plus FREE admission to open skate after your lesson!

Course Breakdown

Roller skating lessons are done progressively. Each week begins with a review of the previous week then moves on to a new technique. The outlines below are used as a starting point only; weekly lessons are specially tailored to suit the needs of each participant.


WEEK 1  ||  Skills assessment and individualized program development
WEEK 2  ||  Learning to fall safely
WEEK 3  ||  Starting and stopping
WEEK 4  ||  Forward skating
WEEK 5  ||  Turning
WEEK 6  ||  Ramps
WEEK 7  ||  Full review and assessment


WEEK 1  ||  Skills assessment and individualized program development
WEEK 2  ||  Advanced forward skating
WEEK 3  ||  Advanced turning
WEEK 4  ||  Crossovers
WEEK 5  ||  Figure-eights and cones
WEEK 6  ||  Backward skating
WEEK 7  ||  Full review and assessment